Just like me only better (2008 – inglês)

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Autoras: Suely Fragoso e Nísia Martins do Rosário.

This paper presents the results of an investigation of Second Life avatars which represent subjects from different ethnic origins and various cultural backgrounds. Initial considerations about the representation of self in avatars, specially in non-thematic graphical MUVEs (Multi-User Virtual Environments) such as Second Life, contextualise and explain the research question.  Research findings include, but are not restricted to: (a) a strong preference for the human form; (b) a tendency towards the adoption of features similar to the physical body of the subject represented by the avatar; (c) a general similarity amongst all avatars, due to the adoption of a contemporary Caucasian pattern of beauty  and (d) in the process reported in (c), a tendency to resort to stereotypical exaggerations.

Palavras-chave: Avatar; Games Online; Redes Sociais.

Capítulo publicado no livro Cultural attitudes towards technology and communication. Murdoch: Murdoch University, 2008, v. 1, p. 314-327.

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